Financial Planning For Life’s Most Important Issues...

John Lamb Wealth Management helps individuals and families deal successfully with the issues that are important to them by making the most of their financial resources, and safeguarding their financial future through effective planning. Our award-winning team of chartered financial advisers, paraplanners and investment specialists have the expertise and experience required to meet all your needs.

People often come to us for advice when something important has happened in their lives – their family circumstances have changed; they are starting a new chapter in their careers; or they are approaching retirement or have already stopped working. Others may be looking for answers to more specific questions, such as consolidating multiple pensions or reviewing their existing portfolio of investments – or simply for a general review of their overall finances.

Working together

Whatever your needs, the advice process typically starts with an initial telephone call, followed by a face-to-face conversation, where you can tell us about your situation and needs, and what you would like to achieve. From this starting point, we will start to create a solution that incorporates our expertise across one or more of the following areas:

  • Investments: preserve and grow your wealth using suitable investment strategies.
  • Pensions: save for retirement and explore the options when you retire.
  • Inheritance: pass on your wealth in effective ways.
  • Protection: plan for life’s unexpected events.
  • Divorce: secure your financial future when you are separating from your partner.
  • Tax planning: mitigate your tax liabilities.

Preserve And Grow Wealth

John Lamb Wealth Management’s approach to investing focuses on preserving wealth and enhancing its value in carefully considered ways. Our core investment offering is a range of risk-rated portfolios. They comprise active fund managers with the specialist skills and resources to find global investment opportunities. Working together we select the strategy that best matches what you want to achieve as well as your appetite for risk, and then manage the portfolio on your behalf.

 As a whole of market adviser, we are free to work with other specialist investment managers and offer an unbiased view on their suitability and capabilities. This position allows us to deliver tailored investment strategies and work within any investment or tax structures you may already have in place. We can also meet specific requirements, such as socially responsible investment strategies.

Our investment process is powered by Purple Strategic Capital. This specialist investment firm has a team of investment analysts who use institutional portfolio construction techniques and a blend of quantitative and qualitative measures to find, select and monitor funds to use in John Lamb Wealth Management's portfolios. Our in-house investment committee then monitors and evaluates the portfolios at its regular meetings.

Effective Ways To Mitigate Tax

Tax can have a substantial impact on everyone’s wealth, and it is important to make sure you are not paying too much. It is a complex area of financial planning that can be further complicated if you run a business or have several sources of income. Many factors affect the amount of tax you pay each year, including your job, savings and personal circumstances.

John Lamb Wealth Management considers the implications of tax across all our financial planning work. That is because we believe it makes sense to take advantage of all the reliefs and allowances available to mitigate tax. Within your overall financial situation and objectives, we find tax-efficient ways for you to save, invest, protect and pass on your wealth.

Find The Right Solutions

Working with you and any advisers you may already have, such as an accountant, we can help you identify all your areas of tax wastage. We can then advise on ways to become more tax efficient, saving you a significant amount of money over the longer term. In addition, we will inform you of any changes in tax law that could affect you and adapt your plans to a continuously evolving environment.

Our solutions range from the straightforward, such as using your annual ISA and capital gains tax limits, to the more complicated, such as estate planning and setting up trusts. We also advise on specialist vehicles that provide government-approved tax-efficient investment opportunities, such as offshore bonds.

Plan For When You Retire

At any stage of your life, John Lamb Wealth Management helps you plan for a secure financial future. We guide you through the range of investment strategies that are appropriate for your situation and aspirations. We also have the technical expertise required for consolidation projects if your pension arrangements are more complicated.

When you are approaching retirement, we explore the options for taking benefits from your investment fund along with the tax implications. We find the solution that best meets your needs and circumstances – from buying an annuity or fixed protection policy to drawing down capital in the most efficient manner, writing a scheme pension or initiating a small administered scheme transfer.

Invest In Your Future

The government has made profound changes to the regulations surrounding pensions over the past few years. We believe these new rules mean there is now every reason to maximise your annual contributions into your pension, which should form the basis of all retirement planning. The upfront tax relief provides an efficient way to preserve and grow your wealth for retirement. Additionally, you will be able to pass on your benefits after you die.

Although the government’s aim is to simplify pensions, any legacy arrangements are likely to complicate your situation. It is important to make decisions that are most appropriate for you and your family. Faced with a great number of choices, we can help you think about your contributions and the type of income you are going to take as well as the implications for other matters, such as inheritance tax.


Pass On Wealth Efficiently

Without due care and consideration inheritance tax (IHT) can have a substantial impact on your family’s assets. Finding appropriate ways to mitigate inheritance tax is more than just a one-off exercise and we help you consider the implications within your overall financial plan. Depending on your circumstances, we recommend solutions that can save significant amounts.

We guide you through the various options available – from buying a dedicated insurance policy to giving away what you can afford while you are still alive. If you are looking to find a more immediate solution we offer structured investment strategies that allow you to take advantage of the tax reliefs available. Our experienced advisers understand the issues and technical details involved and can handle both straightforward and complex arrangements.

Tax-efficient Solutions

More families are now affected by IHT following the substantial rise in house prices. Setting up a will should be the first step in any estate-planning exercise, not only to make certain that matters are dealt with in a tax-efficient way but also to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Working in partnership with your lawyer, we can find the most tax-efficient ways to structure your assets.

In order to take advantage of the various exemptions available, many people choose to give to their family or charities while they are still alive. However, it is important to make sure you retain access to your capital should you need it. There are many different options to consider - our advisers would be happy to talk you through these.

Protect Against The Unexpected

Events such as death, sudden illness or injury can have a dramatic impact on your finances. That is why successful families, estates and businesses put in place insurance policies to guarantee a secure financial future even if the worst happens.

Our sister company John Lamb Insurance Broking has over 70 years combined experience within the team of advising about the important role insurance plays in your plans for growing and preserving wealth.

With a technical background in all aspects of financial planning and relationships across an extensive network of insurers and reinsurers in the UK and abroad, John Lamb Insurance Broking arranges insurance policies to complement your wider planning objectives.

We have the expertise required to arrange policies tailored to individual inheritance tax (IHT) planning needs. By keeping up-to-date with ongoing changes to tax and trust laws, we stay one step ahead and implement strategic solutions. They include protection against the potential IHT exposure realised on the purchase of UK residential property or on de-enveloping existing structures.

Financial Planning After Separation

There are many issues to consider when separating from your partner. At John Lamb we understand divorce can be complex and demanding on a personal level. We also believe professional and considered financial advice should play a central role. Working closely with you and your solicitor we look after your best interests by finding practical solutions to protect your future lifestyle and income.

It is important to identify your financial situation before any settlement, assess all assets and advise on areas where they can be divided, such as insurance policies, pensions and investments. At the same time we focus on giving you the skills to become engaged in the process. Our advice is accessible and easy to understand so that it empowers you to take control of your new responsibilities.

How we work with you

Financial Planning For Life's Most Important Issues...

1. Meeting face-to-face

We'll spend time getting to know you, your current assets and liabilities and what you want out of life.

2. Analysis

Our team will conduct expert analysis to identify possibilities and opportunities for you.

3. Creating a plan

We work with you to create a clear plan which will help you achieve your aspirations and goals.

4. Action

We’ll efficiently put your personalised plan into action, track your progress and keep you informed.